Dew Recorder

download the leaflet: 225-0E Dew Recorder

No. 64a Dew Recorder, Kessler Type

grey lacquered, hammertone finished metal casing, with plastic plate serving as receiving element, balance measuring system with adjustable oil damping    

64a - Dew Recorder
Drum rotation:
     a) daily        or
     b) weekly     or
     c) reversible clockwork from daily to weekly

Measuring range: 0...6 g (divided in 0.1 g)

Recording drum:
     Ø 93.3 mm
     Height 93 mm
     Recording height: 80 mm
     Running time: app. 9 days

64a - Dew Recorder
Dimensions of casing: 285 x 130 x 190 mm
Weight: 3.4 kg

     1 work test certificate
     1 spare cartridge pen
1 set of recording charts
        (100 charts for daily rotation or
         54 charts for weekly rotation)

No. 64a3 Dew Recorder, Kessler Type
as above,
but Measuring range: 0...3 g (divided in 0.05 g)

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