Dew Recorder

Druckschrift: 225-0 Tauschreiber

225-0E Dew Recorder

folleto: 225-0S Rociógrafo, Tipo Kessler

No. 64a Dew Recorder, Kessler Type

The dew recorder registers the pre¬cipitation of dew, the quantity of which depends on the temperature, the humidity, and the movement of the air, as well as on the tempera¬ture of the receiving surface which itself is influenced by its own radiation.

A horizontally arranged plate of metallic serves as collector. The size of its effective surface which includes upper and lower side amounts to 110 cm².Owing to its rather trifling volume and low heat capacity, the plate is subject to a maximum super cooling in comparison to the air surrounding it and, in consequence, also to a maximum precipitation of dew.  Like the formation of the precipitation, the subsequent re-evaporation is recorded, too
64a - Dew Recorder

The dew recorder may also be used for recording the formation of hoar frost, as well as the precipitation of mist and drizzling rain. An oil damping has been provided to avoid disturbances of the recording by gusts.

grey lacquered, hammertone finished metal casing, with plastic plate serving as receiving element, balance measuring system with adjustable oil damping    

It has a grey hammertone finished stainless steel housing and glas windows and an outside arranged measuring element. The measuring instrument is characterized by high accuracy and durability for longllife operation

Equipped is the instrument with a high quality mechanical spring driven movement in coloured brass drum.

64a - Dew RecorderDrum rotation: daily or weekly    

Measuring range: 0...6 g (divided in 0.1 g)

Recording drum:
     Ø 93.3 mm
     Height 93 mm
     Recording height: 80 mm
     Running time: app. 9 days

Dimensions of casing: 285 x 130 x 190 mm
Weight: 3.4 kg

     1 work test certificate
     1 fiber pen
     1 set of recording charts
        (100 charts for daily or weekly rotation)

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