Druckschrift: 142-0 Thermohygrograph

leaflet: 142-0E Thermohygrograph

folleto: 142-0S Thermóhygrografo

No. 79t Thermohygrograph

The Thermohygrograph records temperature and relative humidity of the atmosphere on a common chart.
These two important climatic factors play a decisive role in the meteorological and climatological investigation.

It has a grey hammertone finished stainless steel housing and glas windows and  outside arranged measuring elements. The measuring instrument is characterized by high accuracy and durability for longllife operation .
The high precision model uses a special preparated bimetallic ring and 5 bundels of 26 human hairs.

The Measuring accuracy of bimetal and strand of hairs correspond to highest requirements.
The limits of error in the measurement of humidity amount to ±2.5 % of the extent of the measuring range. 

Temperature is recorded with a highest error of about ±0.2°C in the case of mean temperatures
At higher temperatures above 50°C the accuracy is ±0.5 °C.

Equipped is the instrument with a high quality mechanical spring driven movement in coloured brass drum.

The measuring range for relative humidity is 0...100% rh.

Different temperature ranges are available with a span of 55°C (higher resolution) resp. 80°C (extended range)

79t ThermohygrographTemperature ranges:

Time of drum rotation: daily or weekly    

79t - ThermohygrographRecording drum:
     Ø 93.3 mm
     height: 186 mm
     height of recording: 2 x 80 mm
     time of running: app. 9 days

    2 fiber pens
    1 wetting cloth
    1 set of recording charts
      (100 charts for daily or weekly rotation)

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