Anemograph "Universal"

download the leaflet: 214-0E Anemograph “Universal”

No. 82a Anemograph "Universal"
with mechanical and pneumatic transmission for continuous recording of wind direction, wind run and gusts, consisting of:

No. 82aG Transmitter
with wind vane pitot tube and cup wheel, in grey lacquered weatherproof design, with flange for fastening on a steel tube mast.


Starting velocity: < 0.5 m/s
Maximum wind speed: 60 m/s resp. 0 .... 334 km/h (special version for highest wind forces)
Diameter of flange: 190 mm
Diameter of cup wheel: 520 mm
Total height: 1180 mm
Weight: 19.5 kg

No. 82aT Recorder
in grey lacquered metal cabinet with glazed door as well as applied container with float for the recording of the gusts, recording system with 4 recording pens, ink recording on drum

Measuring range:
     wind speed: 0...40 m/s
                   special ranges on request: 0 ... 60 m/s resp. 0 .... 334 km/h for highest wind forces
     wind run: 10 km each as continuous curve traces
     wind direction: N-E-S-W

Recording height:
     wind speed: 96 mm
     wind run: 25 mm
     wind direction: 62 mm

Recording drum:
     Ø187 mm, 228 mm height
     Drum rotation: 1 day
     Paperfeed: 22.5 mm/h
     Running time: 8 days

Dimensions of cabinet: 420 mm width x 460 mm height x 250 mm depth
Total height: 1010 mm
Weight: app. 21.5 kg

     transmission rods
     pressure tubes
     connection elements
     1 set of recording charts
     1 bottle of recording ink
     4 capillary pens
     1 spare ink bowl
     1 operating and mounting instruction 1 evaluation scale for reading the medium wind velocity in m/s

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