Wind Measuring System AEW20

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No. AEW20 Wind Measuring System

consisting of:AEW20 - Wind measuring system

- AE402-D: analogue digital display
   for wind direction and wind speed

- 90BZ3R: analog wind speed indicator
   in square housing for switchboard mounting

- common metal housing MH3
   for two wind displays including power supply

- connecting box for wind sensors

- W20-3: crossarm for sensor mounting and mast adapter

- W20-1/CL: wind speed sensor
  with current loop interface

- W20-2/CL:wind direction sensor
  with current loop interface

The two wire current loop sensors W20-1/CL and
W20-2/CL combined with the analog display 90BZ3R and the digital display AE402-D perform a wind measuring system with a large field of application. Its main features are the ability of long data transmission with very low interference and the easy trouble detection by using the
4...20mA current loop technique.

AE402 - display

The display unit AE402-D will be delivered inclusive housing for wall mounting but can be used for panal mounting too. It shows wind direction by a LED-ring with 36 LED's with a resolution of 10 degrees and wind speed by a large LCD-display with 18 mm high characters.
The wind speed can be displayed as instantaneous or 2 min average value. The measuring unit is selectable between m/s and knots.


The analog display 90BZ3R is an analogue panel meter to show instantaneous values of wind speed in a range of 0...60 m/s. The lower range (0...4 mA) of the moving-coil ammeter indicates interruption of power supply or interruption of the connecting wire between sensor and panel meter.

The sensors W20-1/CL and W20-2/CL have been designed to provide accuracy, sensitivity and reliability using modern technology for construction and materials for operation under all climatic conditions for highest wind forces. The wind sensors are supplied with thermostatic controlled heating device for trouble-free operation up to -50°C, if ordering the options
W20-1/CL/H and W20-2/CL/H. The sensor contains a standard 4 to 20 mA two wire current loop amplifier for long distance data transfer to a display unit. W20-1 Wind Speed Sensor

Wind speed sensor W20-1/CL and W20-1/CL/H
This sensor W20-1/CL is designed for measuring of wind speed with low threshold (0.5 Kn.) up to strongest wind. The rugged 3-cup anemometer is completely made of anodised aluminium, durable and lightweight. A labyrinth prevents dust and water from bearings. A water-proof 7-pin plug provides a safety cable connection. Eight small magnets attached to the axis produce in a fixed dry-reed contact pulses frequency proportional to wind speed, which are transformed to a DC current by a current loop amplifier with a Butterworth filter.
In the standard version 4...20 mA corresponding to 0...60 m/s. The maximum wind speed is 100 m/s. The heating requires a supply voltage of 200...250 V AC.

Wind direction sensor W20-2/CL and W20-2/CL/H
The wind direction sensor has been designed for measuring of wind direction at very low threshold (0.5 kn) using a wire-wound potentiometer with very low torque and high linearity (0.3 %). When vane axis turns, the coupled potentiometer changes the output current from 4 to 20 mA corresponding to the vane direction from 0 to 360°. The vane can be removed from the cross arm for maintenance and reinstalled without new orientation, because of  assembled pin and key which allow mounting in the original position only.

Please download the leaflet above for technical details.

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