Druckschrift: 125-0 Thermograph

125-0E Thermograph

folleto: 125-0S Thermógrafo

No. 79 Thermograph

The Thermograph records temperature on a 80 mm width chart.
This important climatic factor plays a decisive role in the meteorological and climatological investigation.

It has a grey hammertone finished stainless steel housing and glas windows and an outside arranged measuring element. The measuring instrument is characterized by high accuracy and durability for longllife operation.
The high precision model uses a special preparated bimetallic ring.

The Measuring accuracy of the bimetal corresponds to highest requirements.

Temperature is recorded with a highest error of about ±0.2°C in the case of mean temperatures
At higher temperatures above 50°C the accuracy is ±0.5 °C.

Equipped is the instrument with a high quality mechanical spring driven movement in coloured brass drum.

Different temperature ranges are available with a span of 55°C (higher resolution) resp. 80°C (extended range)

79 - Thermographdeliverable measuring ranges:
     - 5...+50 °C
    -35...+45 °C
    -25...+55 °C
other ranges:
     -15...+40 °C
     -30...+50 °C
     -55...+25 °C
     -45...+35 °C
Time of drum rotation: daily or weekly

79 ThermographRecording drum:
     Ø 93.3 mm
     height 93 mm
     height of recording: 80 mm
     time of running: app. 9 days

     1 fiber pen
     1 set of recording charts
      (100 charts for daily or weekly rotation)

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