Temperature and Humidity Sensor

leaflet: Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Temperature and Humidity Sensor Temperature-Humidity-Sensor

consisting of:
MP102H-030300 Transmitter with voltage output
0...1V = 0...100 %rh
0...1V = -40...+60°C
Supply voltage: 15 ... 24 VDC

HC2-S3 Meteorological probe for temperature and humidity
Range of application: -50..100 °C / 0..100 %rh
Accuracy: ±0.1°C, at 23 °C ±5°C / ±0.8 %rh, 
Digital interface (UART) and scalable analog outputs, 0..1 V
Standard output scaling: 0...1 V = -40...60 °C / 0...100 %rh
incl. Polyethylene dust filter and works certificate

AC1003 Multi-Plate Radiation Shield
Easy-to-install protective shield
Multi-plate system for natural ventilation
simple probe mounting
Protection against wind speeds up to 70 m/s and horizontal precipitation
Number of plates: 14

Specification of HC2-S3
Probe type: Meteorological probe
Dimensions: ø 15 x 83 mm
Weight: 10 g
Operating range electronics: -50…100 °C / 0…100 %rh
Accuracy at 23 ±5 °C: ±0.8 %rh / ±0.1 K
Accuracy w. adjustment profile "standard": at 23 °C / 10, 35, 80 %rh ± 0.8 %rh / ± 0.1 K
Long term stability: <1 %rh / year

Humidity sensor: Hygromer IN-1
Temperature sensor: PT100 1/3 DIN Class B

Probe protection: Polycarbonate plastic cage, white
Filter cartridge: Polyethylene dust filter, white, 40 um

Response time t 63: <15 sec.
Allowed wind speed: 20 m/s, with filtre
Psychrometric calculations: Dew or frost point
Reproducibility Airchip: <0.02 %rh / 0.01 K

Exploitation software: ROTRONIC HW4 
Probe adjustment by software: 1 Point & multipoint %rh & °C
Firmware update: with internet and HW4 software
User information: from Software HW4 (devicemanager)
Data processing via HW4: with interface cables (optional, please see AC3001 connecting cable)
Device Protection by password: Yes

Type of output signals: 2 x 0…1 VDC
Analogue outputs scaleable by the user: Yes
Analog output signal (standard):
     0…1 V = 0…100 %rh;
     0…1 V = -40…60 °C

Digital output signal (standard) UART
Communication interfaces: UART
Service Interface: UART
Reverse voltage protection: Mechanically in the connector
Max. cable length service cable: 5 m
Enclosure material: Polycarbonate
FDA/GAMP compatibility: FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP compatible

optional accessories:
AC3001 Connecting Cable
To connect the HC2 Probe with a computer.
(necessary to use the HW4 Software)

ER-15 Push-on calibration device
Gasket with o-ring and thumb screw.
For 1 probe, brass, nickel-plated.
For porbes with ø 14 ... 15 mm

filter cartridge for HC2-S3
NSP-PCW-PE Spare filter cartridge for HC2-S3
Polyethylene dust filter

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