Surface-Wetness Recorder

Druckschrift: 224-0 Benetzungsschreiber

224-0E Surface-Wetness Recorder

folleto: 224-0S Registrador de Mojadura, Tipo Woelfle

No. 64b Surface-Wetness Recorder, Woelfle Type

for the recording of the chronological progress of the wetting of vegetation cultures by rain, dew or wetting fog,
with hempen strings, serving as receiving elements, in weatherproof, rainproof design for outdoor installation, with drum recording.

64b - Surface-Wetness Recorder Woelfle Type

It has a grey hammertone finished stainless steel housing and glas windows and an outside arranged measuring element. The measuring instrument is characterized by high accuracy and durability for longllife operation

Equipped is the instrument with a high quality mechanical spring driven movement in coloured brass drum.

Graduation of diagram: 0...50 relative
Drum rotation: daily or weekly    
64b - Surface-Wetness Recorder Woelfle Type
Recording drum:
     Ø 93.3 mm
     Height 93 mm
     Recording height: 50 mm
     Running time: app. 9 days

Dimension: 495 mm x 140 mm x 170 mm
Weight: 2.8 kg

     1 fiber pen
     1 pair of spare hempen strings
     1 set of recording charts
       (100 charts for daily or  weekly rotation)    

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