Evaporation Pan "Class A"

download the leaflet: 232-0E - Evaporationpan “Class A”

                              122-0E - Floating Maximum-Minimum Thermometer

No. 73EP - Evaporation Pan "Class A"

The evaporation pan is made of stainless steel and will be filled with water for exposition to the open air. When water evaporates the level falls. The differences of the level are measured by using the suspension measuring rod suspended in the smoothing pipe (No. 73 EB).

Diameter: 1206,5 mm  =  47.5 "
Height: 254 mm = 10 "
Material: stainless steel
Weight: 26 kg

No. 73EB - Smoothing Pipe with suspension measuring rod (stilling well with hook gauge)

This is an instrument to determine the water level in the evaporation pan. By using the suspension measuring rod (hook gauge) suspended in the smoothing pipe (stilling well) the variation of water level can be measured very accurately by using the micrometer scale on the measuing rod.
73EB - Smoothing Pipe with suspension measuring rod73EB - Smoothing Pipe

Measuring range: 0 ... 100 mm
Graduation: 0.05 mm
Height of level: 177.8 mm  =  7 "
    of hook gauge:  brass
    of stilling well:  anodised aluminium
    of stilling well: Ø 90 x 200 mm
Weight: 1.7 kg 

No. FT2 Floating Maximum-Minimum Thermometer

FT2 - Floating Maximum-Minimum Thermometer This is a Six's type thermometer mounted on an inclined non-magnetic frame supported in water by two aluminium floats which allow the thermometer to rest just below the water surface. It is used to measure the maximum and minimum temperature reached in water in an evaporation tank since the previos reading was made. The thermometer bulbs are protected by an anti-radiation shield. Each thermometer is graduated in 1°C readable with an resolution of 0.5°C. The maximum and minimum temperatures are registrated by indices which have to be resetted after the temperatures have been read.
Range: - 30 to + 50 °C
Divided to: 1 °C
Accuracy of reading: 0.5 °C
Scale length: 100 mm
Dimensions: 140 x 310 x 55 mm
Weight: 0.375 kg

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