Aluminum Mast

download the leaflet: W20-4E - Alumium Mast

No. W20-4 and W20-4/A Alumium Mast

That strong and rugged mast is placed on a swiveling bearing in the mast base which must be rooted in a concrete foundation. The standard high is 10 m with three stainless steel span ropes. An instrument carrier at the top for two wind sensors is standard. Other instrument carriers can be delivered optional. The mast will be delivered in segments with flanges. To service the wind sensors, at the top of the mast, the mast can be swiveling down by using counterweights (option /CW) for easy bending down. The whole mast is made from aluminum and the screws are made from stainless steel. The surface can be delivered anodized or lacquered e.g. as option security painted in red and white. (option /RW)
The mast base must be placed into a concrete foundation. Further options are an obstruction light (option /OL) at the top of the mast and the lightning protection (option /LP) which must be used together with a suitable grounding of the mast according to the local conditions.

Free configurable options of the aluminum mast: W20-4/…/…
          -10 m swiveling mast (alternative length according customers requirement possible)
… LP           - lightning protection (grounding by local electrician)
…CW           - counterweight for easy handling of bending down
…RW           - security painted in red and white
…OL            - obstruction light at the top of mast

Preconfigured adapted version for airports: W20-4/A:
This mast of 10 m height is security painted in red and white and equipped with:
• a crossarm for wind speed sensor W20-1 and wind direction sensor W20-2,
• 3 pcs. span ropes,
• a lightning protection,
• an obstruction light for mounting at the top of the mast and
• a counterweight for easy handling of bending down

Specifications of the mast W20-4:
Height:  standard = 10 m (alternative height possible: e.g. 6 m)
Connection: by flanges (e.g. 6 m mast can be rivet without flanges)
Diameter of the tube: 120 mm
Wall thickness: standard = 3 mm (5 mm on special request possible)
Cross bar at the top: for wind sensors W20, length 1.30 m
Rigging: by 3 pcs. 4 mm span ropes made from stainless steel
Mast weight without counterweights: approx. 60 kg (at 3 mm) resp. 80 kg (at 5 mm)
with span ropes and lightning protection
Weight of counterweights: up to 6 x 15 kg
Material: aluminum
Surface: anodized or lacquered
Required foundations: concrete socket for mast and concrete groundings for span ropes
Optional attachments: see above and cross arms for further sensors

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